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Third Stalwartbucks dinner

04 Nov 2014 by Guan

Come to the third Stalwartbucks dinner.

On Tuesday, November 11 at 7 PM, Joe Weisenthal and Guan Yang will host the third ever Stalwartbucks dinner at one of NYC’s finest barbecue establishments. There we will discuss the latest in tech, economics, digital currencies, Korean and American Barbecue, and anything else that strikes people’s fancy. It will be a very enjoyable evening. (There will be another dinner in December with Joe.)

Want to attend and have a stimulating night with some of NYC’s most interesting people? All you have to is spend 1,000,000 (B) SBX on a seat. These funds will go into a pot and be disbursed over time to future users of the currency, so that adoption will grow.

Important note: This just buys you access to the dinner. (The actual food, unfortunately, we have to pay for in real USD. For now.)

Any questions? Email Joe ([email protected]) or Guan ([email protected])

We look forward to seeing you there! We will email you a confirmation with a payment address. Don’t have enough SBX? Don’t worry too much—you can most likely buy or barter some from another participant at the dinner. You must be willing to set up a Stalwartbucks wallet.

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